Mexican Auto Insurance and Yucatan Haciendas!

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Yucatan is home to some of the best natural views in Mexico. You can also feel the privilege of being pampered by nature and adventure while visiting the exotic location of Yucatan. The region is not only about nature but for its rich history as well. If you want to take a look at the old architecture, you should visit the haciendas of the region.

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Following are some of the most important haciendas in Yucatan:

Hacienda San Antonio Curul

It is among the oldest haciendas that you would find in Yucatan. According to some experts the structure was built in 1626. While strolling around the hacienda, you would come across a Cenote, full of freshwater and some sculpted stoned can be seen at its base. Engineer Eric Rubio Ancona was the last person to purchase the hacienda and today, the property is in the name of his four children.

Hacienda Temozon

The word Temozon is of Mayan origin which literally means whirlwind. Diego de Mendoza was the first known owner of the property. Like many other haciendas that were built in 17th century, Temozon was also dedicated to livestock but later, it emerged as a corn producer. By 19th century the hacienda became a big player in henequen industry. Today, it is owned by Grupo Plan and they have transformed the old structure into a luxury hotel.

Hacienda Kankabchen

Alluring hacienda was built in 1890. The name of the hacienda is derived from Mayan word which means Red Earth Well. The estate remained closed for 15 years but today it has become an amazing destination for ecotourists. Your visit to the hacienda would introduce you to numerous traditions of Yucatan. You can rent the property to arrange events. Attraction that discerns the hacienda from other estates in the region is its zoo that features 50 species of birds, reptiles and mammals.

Hacienda de Teya

Complete name of the hacienda is Hacienda San Idelfonso de Teya. It was built in 1683. Originally the hacienda was dedicated to livestock industry but by 19th century it became one of the most important henequen haciendas. Now, it is owned by Family Cardenas Sosa and is home to a world class restaurant.

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