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Colonial city of Taxco always remains in the top priorities of people interested in exploring rich past of Mexico. The city is famous for its silversmith workshops. Every year thousands of people visit the city to buy silver ware.

Driving in Mexico is not too difficult but is quite different from driving in US or Canada. To drive in Mexico, you need Mexico car insurance as the Mexican authorities as foreign car insurance policies are invalid. Mexico car insurance is available in many different ways. Travel experts recommend buying car insurance for Mexico online. This is a simpler method and saves you time, money and frustration. Mexico car insurance purchased online allows you to choose many coverage options and other features that make buying  Mexico insurance online a better choice. Buying car insurance for Mexico at the border is always the last choice of savvy travelers.

Best shopping areas in Taxco are:

Mercado de Artesanias

It is also known as Crafts Market. If you are looking for souvenirs, this market is the best place. The market is strategically located behind St. Prisca’s Parish Church. While strolling around the market, you would come across variety of jewelry items, handicrafts and items made from papel amate, rattan, clay and wood. Other worth buying products in the market are Olinala’s lacquered wooden box and colorful varnished earthenware. Besides quality handicrafts, the market is also famous for typical Mexican folklore.

Silver Street Market

Colloquially, it is also known as Tianguis de la Plata. This street market features various handicraft workshops from where you can buy jewelry items, decorated jars, precious stones and crystal inlays. But the major highlight of the market is its silver ware. Variety of the pieces is so vast that you can pick from small earrings to complete kitchen sets. Best part is that these silver ware items are available at reasonable price. To find Mexico car insurance at reasonable price, you need to compare the price of multiple auto policies.

Taxco El Viejo

If you want to have authentic shopping experience, visit Taxco El Viejo or Old Taxco. It is just six miles from the downtown Taxco. But while driving your vehicle, make sure you have already obtained Mexico car insurance. Old Taxco is also famous for typical handicrafts and beautiful jewelry items. You can choose from wide variety of rings, buttons, earrings, buckles, necklaces, bracelets and jars and cups made from silver.

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