Mexican Insurance Protection and A Slice of England in Mexico City

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Mexico City is a wonderfully diverse place. While you’ll probably want to immerse yourself in as much Mexican culture as possible during your visit, you should try a few different things too. For example, Sir Winston Churchill’s is a popular restaurant that brings a little piece of England to the city. Parking is available, but whether you are traveling by pickup, convertible or jeep, don’t drive there without the safeguard a Mexican insurance policy will bring. Even if you park your car at the hotel and don’t need vehicle insurance all while you’re in Mexico City, don’t let your Mexican car insurance lapse. You’ll still need valid Mexican insurance to get back home, so you might as well buy a Mexican car insurance policy that lasts the duration of your trip.

Expensive but Good

If you’re planning on sticking to inexpensive restaurants during your visit to Mexico City, Sir Winston Churchill’s isn’t right for you. It’s definitely on the pricier end of the spectrum, but don’t let that deter you from giving it a try. The extra expense is well worth it. The atmosphere alone makes it a great addition to any trip. It’s in an old English house that somewhat resembles a small castle. The atmosphere is further enhanced by live piano music.

An Eclectic Menu

While English fare is prominently featured on the menu at Sir Winston Churchill’s, it’s not the only option. There’s a wide variety of Mexican food as well. Indeed, the menu is quite eclectic. If you have to choose just one thing though, you should make it the roast beef. Most people agree that this restaurant serves up the finest roast beef in the entire city, and that’s saying a lot. When you order the roast beef, you’ll also be presented with a selection of top-notch mustard. On your way in or out, stop by the bar in the garden for a drink. You won’t be disappointed.

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