Auto Insurance for Mexican Vacation and Where to Dine in Zacatecas!

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Auto Insurance for Mexican vacation Resources

The enchanting city of Zacatecas is located in the middle of Mexico. Its rich culture and history earned it a place in UNESCO’s list of World Cultural Heritage sites.

There are countries where you can manage without car. However, in Mexico you need one. To enjoy worry free drive through Mexican streets, buy the best auto Insurance for Mexican vacation online beforehand. You should give special consideration to the quality of auto Insurance for Mexican vacation by checking Mexican car insurance reviews. To get the best Mexican auto insurance, you should rely on Mexican car insurance reviews. Many shacks at the border sell Mexican auto insurance however the premiums and fees are higher and most policies are unrated, making them less reliable, so the border does not provide the best Mexican auto insurance.

Top Notch restaurants in Zacatecas are:

Los Dorados de Villa

This is one of the most sophisticated restaurants in the entire Zacatecas. While dining, you can admire unique décor well complemented by typical Mexican atmosphere. Main ingredients of its menu are enchiladas, green pozole and various other famous Mexican dishes. If you are fond of traditional food of the country, don’t compromise on visiting this restaurant. Mexican auto insurance online is the best way to get protection before crossing the border.

La Leyenda

The eclectic décor of the restaurant lures both locals as well as tourists. Originally, this was a home and it still features various serving different purposes. In one room, you would find a large mural made from Venetian tiles. This mural covers the entire wall and the other wall represents old adobe brickwork. The other room features variety of items such as puppets, masks and local wines. The restaurant is not only a dining place but a small paradise for art lovers.

Las Gorditas de Dona Julia

Most of the budget travelers prefer to dine at this restaurant. It is because at Las Gorditas, they can get great food without paying hefty amount. As the name suggests, the restaurant is famous for serving great gorditas. Gorditas are thick tortillas stuffed with traditional fillings. If you are a pork lover, Chicharron needs to be your choice. Other popular items on the menu are Picadillo and Tinga. Former is made from beef and latter is meant for chicken lovers.

Viva Mexico

If your taste buds are craving for Mexican gastronomy, Viva Mexico is the answer. The restaurant is famous for its authentic Mexican cuisine but this is not the only specialty. While dining in the restaurant, you can also order traditional and regional dishes of Zacatecas. Some of most famous Zacatecan dishes are green pozole, red pozole, steaks, tacos and Asado de Boda. Another unique highlight of the menu is 18 kinds of enchiladas. Mexican car insurance reviews should remain in the top priorities while planning trip to Mexico.

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