Mexican Auto insurance and Diving in Baja Peninsula

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Baja peninsula is famous around the world for its beaches, deserts and adventure. Beaches in the peninsula allow you to experience an incredible blend of excitement, enticement and adventure. Every year millions of adventure seekers visit Baja. If you are a diver and have not visited Baja as yet, you have not experienced the real taste of diving.

If you want to drive your vehicle in Mexico there are not much of formalities that you need to fulfill. You just need to have Mexican auto insurance with you. Since there are no special documents that you need to carry to drive your vehicle in Mexico therefore, many visitors think that buying Mexican insurance is just a waste of money. However, fact is that Mexico auto insurance is the only document that can save you from detention, in case of an auto accident. This shows that how important a Mexican auto insurance policy is. You can obtain Mexican insurance at the border as well however, Mexican travel experts always recommend to but it online so that you can get the document of your safety beforehand.

One of the most popular diving destinations in Baja Peninsula is Cabo San Quintin. This quaint fishing town is located by small fishing village known as Johnston’s Seamount. While diving in the waters of the unexplored waters, you would come across great variety of marine flora and fauna. Apart from divers, every year several spear fishermen and underwater photographers visit this part of Baja.

Visibility of Cabo San Quintin lies between 50 to 80 feet which makes it an incredible place for diving and snorkeling. While diving in, you can explore hydrocoral formations and kelp beds. Creatures that you would come across while diving are octopuses, lobsters and numerous fish species.

Bahia de Los Angeles is another worth mentioning diving site in Baja California. This bay has warm waters of Sea Cortez. Divers love this bay as it contains wide array of sea turtles and you will also find several breeding and nesting spots of whales. While excursing through the waters, you would come across large number of sea lions and dolphins. If you are lucky enough, you can also find elephant seals.

Diving spot that cannot be missed while vacationing in Baja is Islas de Coronado. If you are visiting this island, you cannot miss on visiting Islas Todos Santos. Both of these islands are just few kilometers away from Ensenada. These islands have beaches with great variety of rock reefs, kelp beds and sea pinnacles. These regions can be visited anytime during the year. It is always suggested to dive along with an expert or a trusted guide.

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