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Cancun is the entertainment capital of Mexico. Nightlife of the city needs a special mention. Party animals can satiate their hunger for drinks, dance, music and extravaganza in the nightclubs, bars and discotheques in the city.

While shopping around on the internet to find car insurance for Mexico, you would come across variety of Mexico car insurance policies. In most cases, car insurance for Mexico that you are buying on the internet come with many important extra features such as roadside assistance and the ability to make repairs in the US or Canada, to name a few. However, if you are buying Mexico car insurance at the border, such features can be missing. In other words, if you bought a car insurance for Mexico policy at the border and need urgent roadside assistance, you might end up without it. Therefore, Mexican travel experts always suggest buying Mexico insurance online to save time, money and frustration.

Bet places to experience nightlife of Cancun are:

The City

The City is the paradise for party lovers. This is the most popular discotheque in Cancun. The high tech facility has a three-level stage. While dancing on the electronic music, you would also come across laser lights, special effects with animation and professional acrobats. Some of the world’s best DJs such as Paul Van Dyk and Tiesto. Hip hop artists such as Ludacris, 50 Cent and Fat Joe have entertained the guests of The City with their captivating performances.

Yesterday Bar

This is the best place to live the retro life and Rock ‘n Roll era once again. While sipping your signature drink in the bar, you can listen to some of the most favorite songs of 60s, 70s and 80s. Moreover, you can enjoy videos of those songs on big screen as well. Car insurance for Mexico is easily available on the internet. However, you should rely only on those ones that are offered by the reputed vendors.


This is one of the most visited nightclubs in the city. It is strategically located in lively hotel zone. You can enjoy songs of 70s and 80s blended with modern and peppy hip hop and electronic beats. Groovy music of the nightclub not only limited to 70s or 80s but you can shake your legs on Hip-Hop, Trance and Rave music. Other highlights of the nightclub are live bands, special effects, laser lights, confetti steamers and soap bubbles.

Mambo Cafe

If you want to add Caribbean streak to your Mexican trip, Mambo Café is the place. Caribbean style of décor and great blend of Latin music and pop songs are main highlight of the café. Live music shows touch a new height of vivaciousness with fusion of host DJ. In the past, several Caribbean music band and groups have performed in this club. Car insurance for Mexico should be obtained beforehand so that you don’t waste time at the border.

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