7 Common Myths About Mexican Auto Insurance Coverage!

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While planning a road trip to Mexico, you might come across confusing laws and rules are quite different from US and Canada. One problem arises while looking for Mexican auto insurance coverage. It is because there are several myths associated with these needed auto policies. While checking the information on the internet, you might come across sites claiming a Mexican insurance policy is not at all important and there are other sites that keep telling you the importance of carrying this vital coverage.

One of the most popular myths related to Mexican auto insurance coverage is that it is just a piece of paper and nothing more than a formality. However, the reality is that a Mexican insurance policy is a must to drive your vehicle through Mexican streets. In case, you ignore this crucial document and get into an auto accident, cops will detain you until you clear any financial obligations. The following are the other popular myths about auto policies to drive in Mexico:

A Regular Auto Policy Will Work South of the Border

If you think your existing domestic auto policy would be good enough to tackle the legal mess in Mexico, you need to be ready to face the consequences as Mexican authorities do not honor foreign auto policies. In addition US and Canadian policies have territorial exclusions. Hence, you need to buy Mexican auto insurance coverage online before crossing the border.

The Border is Better

At the border, there are shacks and booths where you can buy a Mexican insurance policy. These shacks are known for charging high fees. Moreover, you won’t get high quality coverage and most of these outlets sell unrated policies. You must be thinking why people buy from these shacks then? The reason is that, many unsuspecting travelers don’t find Mexican auto insurance coverage important enough until they hit the border. That’s why the internet is considered as the best place to buy an auto policy to drive south of the border. You save time, money and frustration for a more reliable policy.

All Car Insurance Policies have Same Price

While browsing through internet, you would get information stating Mexican insurance policies costs the same whether you are buying it at the border or on the internet. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are no standard rates or coverage terms and conditions for auto policies in Mexico. Its always best to but from a reputable vendor online.

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